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I'm not a morning person

I think this is sensible

My voice is dangerously convincing

Click the icon to play the audio!

I haven't won any awards since school

Sometimes I can't stop laughing

...even when I'm reading the news

I'm still young

I know how to manipulate people

After this you'll want to give blood

I don't even want a job
working 9-5
with a huge salary...

I want a job I love

Marketing Plan

To get a job I love

To work with other people who are passionate about doing a great job for clients
To be able to be creative
To continue to develop the skills I have learnt in my journalism and marketing career
To wake up (most) mornings and be happy that it’s a work day

Many CVs are produced as Word or pdf documents. Although this approach is informative and therefore useful to employers, it is difficult to portray personality and creativity in this way. Research shows the target audience now receive CVs via email rather than in a printed format.

Set up a website to showcase my ideas and copywriting skills
Write website in a humorous style and show I can take risks
Send web address to prospective employers along with my traditional CV

Web domain and stock photos: £15
Web designed by My Identity Ltd in exchange for equivalent time spent copywriting and recording voiceovers

Number of emails sent to julia@whyemployme.co.uk
Get a job I love

Where am I now?